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Advice on letter?


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I want to settle on a providian acct that is with a CA as of now. I contacted Providian in attempt to settle and they said it was charged off and they referred me to the CA. I phoned the CA and only received a verbal agreement. I told the rep I would phone back today with my decision. I do want to get rid of this and do have the 50% to take care of it. So, I drafted up a letter that basically states I will pay the amt on this date and the acct will be paid in full, also that providian agrees to show this as a paid acct and not to resell to any CA the balance. Is this basically it? Am I responsible for getting a copy of this to providian as well or if the CA signs this agreement letter, are they authorized to state this for providian? This is the first time I'm settling on an account and I don't want to screw it up. Thanks!


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