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what action should I take once I know CA reaged?


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Arrow Financial Services bought a debt from JCPenney's of mine for $286. They have changed the Date Open from 3/01 to 3/03. What do I do?

If I dispute the debt with the CRA as having wrong dates then don't they just have to fix the date? I want it removed! If I do a debt verification will they also just have to fix the date in that case? My feeling is that I need to threaten suit unless they delete the debt. Am I right on this? Will that work or do I actually have to file? What does it actually cost to file suit as I am real short on $$.

If you guys think I could just send a letter threatening to sue, then what do I put in it? Anyone have a sample letter or anything?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me! It is all appreciated.

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