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Prayer, Persistence, and Paying on Time...

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I'm feelin good today. Check my FICO scores and was encourage to find timely payments and disputing negs (and having them delete from my file) is causing my score to go up. Still have some dispute open with Equifax but hopefully they will be resolved within the next few weeks.

Just want to thank all for sharing there stories and struggles, have been a great source of encouragement and inspiration for me after ch7 bk, discharged in 12/03. We are hoping to get a good rate on a new home mortgage within the next 6 to 8 months.

To all who are apart of the struggle, Be Encourage and don't give up!

I started 7/2004 to rebuild with first cc post bk;

FAKO Scores

7/2004 10/2004 12/2004 1/22/2005

EQ - 538 570 611 615

EX - 595 606 619 635

TU - 551 562 580 639

FICO Scores

12/17/04 1/22/05

EQ - 577 608

EX - 636 664

TU - 588 659

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