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Collection notice for Magazine never ordered

Guest jeeptravel

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Guest jeeptravel

Hi guys, it appears National Credit Audit Corporation is scamming a lot of people by falsely billing them for magazines never ordered and never received.

After doing a Yahoo! search on the company (they claim my wife owes "Parents" magazine $9.95, i was like . . . "Ha ha ha, silly colletion company man, you deal with wrong pale-face!!!" I found out that this is a widespread problem and the company are basically claiming funds from threatened people under false pretenses . . . . I'm pissed.

I know I can do a CMRRR to both "Parents" magazine and this company includng a demand for a DV and a notice of intent to sue in 30 days if the matter is not corrected and sent to me in writing.

Beyond that, any suggestions? This kind of crap really burns me up when I've worked so hard to get my credit good, and then some little thievsh company comes into my world and starts swingin' their cap gun at me.

Has anyone else had experience with this company? Here's a few sites if you are interested. There were 10's and 20's of them in my searches. I put their name in the subject line so future victims can find this on a search:




Thanks for reading, again if you have any advice on how I might dent these guys and/or just get my wife's credit file safe from their threats, I'd sure appreciate it. Oh, and to answer your rhetorical thoghts: NO, she never ordered it.

Thanks again


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The FTC and State AG's still handle consumer issues - doesn't have to do with just credit issues.

National Credit Audit Corporation

8512 Allen Rd

Peoria, IL 61615

Suzanne Detlefs, President

With 250 complaints received by the BBB alone, me thinks this needs to be escalated to entities that can actually do something about them - not just mitigate an acceptable resolution, but physically shut them down if they're in the business of fraud.

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Guest jeeptravel

Received this email this morning from NCAC. I guess they don't want to tangle with me. Funny how they didn't have to do much Debt Validation to drop it all together. Further proof that unless you speak up to the CA's and demand validation, they may continue to bother you whether they have grounds or not.

Those with other issues with NCAC, the contact info is at bottom.

Dear Mr. Riley,

Thank you for your e-mail concerning the collection letter your wife

received. I have cancelled your wife's account so you will not receive

anything further from NCAC.

We received your wife's name from Parents Magazine as having ordered a

subscription for which they did not receive payment. Your wife's name


no longer on the publisher's file so she will not receive anything from


I would like to assure you that this does not reflect on any credit


If I can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact me.

Again, thank you for your response.


Toni Passmore

NCAC Account Manager

(309) 689-6148 office

(309) 689-6452 fax


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