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How to sue...CAs and CRAs?

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I've exhausted the steps with A$$et A¢¢eptance and my last letter was an ITS so its time to sue. I may also need to sue two CRAs depending on their next responses.

I've read numerous posts and though I'm clear on their violations, I'm not really clear on how to go about filing the suit. If you know of posts that've I've missed please, please, please direct me to them.

My questions are:

1 - Which court should I file in? (I'd prefer to do this without an attorney, I feel I have slamdunk case against A$$et A¢¢eptance and can write up good suit). It seems there are conflicting opinions on small claims, district and federal. Is it better to go federal just to get a knowledgable judge?

2 - Once I file suit, is is necessary to have them served or can I send a notificaiton letter with the suit information?

3 - Any other advice you want to give?

Thanks in advance...I've really been trying to avoid this because I was somewhat apprehensive but now I'm ready to do it.

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