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Deleted and reinserted the next day

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Just received investigation results from TU(Saturday), collection account deleted :D , checked PG, sure enough gone and score jumped back to 690 fako, well, well, well...check PG again today(monday) and collection is listed again :x , so i guess i'll just wait to the end of this week and see i f i get a re-insertion notice from them (yeah right, never happened before) :roll: and if not they'll be getting a letter advising them to remove the listing immediately and forever .....uggghhhh, man i just hate waiting those extra couple of days, and wouldn't ya know that when this one is gone that TU will finally be completely clean :wink: ( except for an account listed as: Payment AFTER chargeoff/collection, which i just can't get removed, and they won't re-investigate)

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