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Charge off now in postive section, should I still dispute it


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I was the main card holder on this account but it was listed on my credit report twice. Once as the main person and a second time as the authorized user. I disputed both and the removed them but then this one shows up in the postive section on EX.



100 DUFFY AVE # 4H2

HICKSVILLE, NY 11801 Account Number:




Date Opened:




Credit Limit:


Date of Status:

07/1999 Terms:

NA High Balance:


Reported Since:

07/1999 Monthly Payment:

$0 Recent Balance:


Last Reported Date:

07/1999 Responsibility:

Authorized user Recent Payment:


Creditor's Statement:

Purchased by another lender.

The status used to say Closed/Account charged off. $2,303 written off (when it was in the neg section). I'm wondering if I should leave this on there since it is showing up postive or if a lender will see the purchased by another lender and know something's wrong.

What do you think? :?

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Does the acct say CO in any section.............. including the timeline at the bottom? I had a negative acct that was reporting in the positive section but when it was removed cause my score to jump 20 pts. So make sure that there is no negative reported in the tradeline or timeline.

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