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New at civil action suit, need help on where to start!!

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I got served papers from the Sheriff for a civil suit action regarding an account I owe Sears. The Sheriff told me I have 30 days to contact the attorneys that have the account. I did so, told them what I could pay them a month and she said she couldn't accept that. After I told her that's all I could do she said she'd note the file. What happens now??

Then I keep getting phone calls from a company called ASG which is a debt collector for Citibank which now owns Sears and they are trying to collect for a different amount than what I owe. She said its a Sears Plus account. I have never heard of this account have any info or paperwork on this different account # from the original. She says what it is that Sears gives you a credit limit, if you go over that then they open up a new account with a different account # and call it Sears Plus. I've never heard of this nor do I remember signing anything on this or getting seperate statements on this. I'm more worried about the original account from Sears than I am this one. Now that they've noted the file, and pretty much refuse what I can pay them a month and won't work with me and she saying she will note the file, what happens now??

I've also been getting all kinds of advertisement junk mail in the mail from different attorneys from all over the nation stating I'm about to be sued and will get papers soon and its been made public record. What does all this mean and what do I do next?? Please someone advise. I'm freaking out here.

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The same thing happend to my neice, we have never done this before, you will learn from the people on this site.

what I did is I answered the sue, in other words you have to file an answer with the court.

I know personally I would not call the CA all they are going to do is get nasty and try to make you pay what they want.

Since i just stared myself, maybe someone here will chip in.

Good luck.

You can do it...

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