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Has anyone ever been sued by Sears?

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Sears has always played hardball and now that the credit card division is owned by Citibank, you get the double-whammy of 2 hard-nosed companies to deal with.

What have you done as far as negotiating with them to date ??

What state are you in ?

How long has it been since you last paid Sears directly ?

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well of course I send them what I could (the attorneys that took over account which is Fredrick Hanna & Associates) and then when I got the summons and told them what I could send a month, she said the amount is unacceptable and she'd note the file. I was very angry and just hung up on her. This debt is very old, probably over 7 years and I was young and stupid and let it get away from me but have been paying on it as much as I can. I'm just worried about what will happen next. I live in Georgia.

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