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How to make Credit Bureau to share positive info

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I am trying to do everything I can to improve my credit rating.

Because most of my credit history consist of revolving accounts. (16: of which only 4 are active.) I assume that every installment account that I have in good standing should help my credit score.

However, I noticed that one installment account (Bally Total Fitness over 36 months) shows up only in the Experian report. How do I make sure that this positive information shows up also in the reports by Equifax and Transunion? Aren't they supposed to share information? Can I somehow make Experian to share this with the others?

In additon, does anyone venture to guess what the impact of this item would be for my credit score?

I am looking forward to your feedback and/or insights.

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thats exactly correct scrapwench. They do not share information and only report information provided to them by their subscribers.

but to the original poster-if your thinking about getting a mortgage down the road-your mortgage broker will pull all 3 reports and will use a blended score to determine your 'mortgage score' so the fact that it is showing on one will still help overall.

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