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Problem with experian


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When I dispute something with experian they have 30 days to dispute after the 30 days then they should let me know something about the dispute. Am I correct? I disputed something with them 2/04 and never heard anything back. A mortgage lender ran my credit report on 1/13/05 and the account that I disputed says account in dispute so I told them that they have to remove it. They said it was disputed in 12/04 which is a flat out lie!!! What should I do? I have it in dispute again as of yesterday. This account in fact wasn't mine it was suppose to be workmans comp. but some how got on my CR. :twisted:xThudx I am so mad!! Equifax said it was disputed in 2/04 which I know is correct because I disputed it when I bought my car and realized it was on there. The amount due on the account is only $10 but it's the point of it that matters.

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