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Well, I would like to say it has been a VERY long journey, but I think my credit is as clean as I can get it. I started off in a very bad position. Now I am at 650 for EQ and EX, and over 700 with TU. My last baddie is with Crap One. I have managed to get them off of EQ and TU, but they will not budge on EX. I can't dispute any more as EX will not "re-investigate". I have written so many letters, but all I get in return from Cap one is we're working it, but never send anything back, and of course as I mentioned earlier the CRA's will not re-investgiate. The good news though is that it will one be off of the end of the year, the bad news is we are moving and are buying a new house in May and it looks as though I still won't be able to be a joint borrower on the loan because of the charge-off on Crap one. It is over 9000! now, it started at 4. SO they are gonna want me to pay it off, and that's not gonna happen.

So my question now is does anybody have any suggestions as to how I can possibly get this off. Any new strategy? I will try just about anything. Thanks for the input.

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