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Debt validation??????

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Is there anyone out there thats experienced that would be willing to put a list of some sort and explanations on DV for all of us newbies that dont know where or how to start. The flow chart is great but doesnt go in depth as far as how to do it.....sorry to sound dumb but im spinning in this mess and need to get some direction. Thanks in advance for all the help!! Id also like to know what all the menaings are to the abbreviations being used on the site. Thanks

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Welcome...we'll all help if we can. Up at the top of main page is a "Please read before posting" forum that will help you understand what's going on here. Look at


specially. (Don't worry...almost everyone misses it).

If you've got specific questions, we'll try to answer them. Probably the best thing to do...is read, read, read...see what others have done.

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