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Equifax willfull non-compliance

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:D8-) I made an earlier post but wanted to simplify it and remove the errors.

12/16/04 My former bank, which shall remain nameless, showed a charge-off for 85.00 dollars showing paid on this date on their computers.

12/14/04 Put in dispute with Equifax

12/14/04 Equifax contacted OC electronically

01/18/05 Equifax received response from OC that was negative/unpaid

01/04/05 Put in dispute with TransUnion

01/04/05 TransUnion contacted OC electronically

01/06/05 TransUnion received response from OC that was positive/paid

I cant believe that both CRAs contacted the bank and received two different responses. I contacted the bank and they said they did not keep any records of contacts with CRAs. The lady I talked to said she strongly believes that Equifax could not have contacted them. I recorded the responses from both CRAs and told them I was recording them. Both CRAs told me that they would not give me permission to record. I apologized and recorded their statements anyway. The dates and summary responses with the dates above were recorded. I recorded the bank giving the date that of 01/16/04. I think that a suit of willfull non-compliance is in order. What do you think? Thanks! :twisted:

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First, I'm not sure that "permission to record" is required. I think the fact that you notified them that you were recording is sufficient.

But...what you really need, I think, is something in writing from the bank saying that the charge off is paid. Then you can do a "procedural request" to EQ asking for documentation on how they verified something that is documented as incorrect.

Then...maybe you can sue...

(Incidently, I saw an interesting post the other day that basically said record everything...if the recording is inadmissable in your state, then use it to create typed "notes" as to what was said...)

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