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I just got a Summons---Help me please

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I just got a summons from a lawyer representing 3 different Doctors. I have no problem paying 2 of them. The only thing is the last one is for over $300. This is from 2001. The insurance co. has paid all they will on it and are saying that it is more than resonable and customary. I called the insurance co. and talked to a girl there and she says that the bill is excessive.

My problem is do I pay the 2 that I don't dispute? What do I do about the other one? I did agree to the surgery but how was I supposed to know he was going to way overcharge? Even if I didn't feel scamed I can't afford to pay it.

I live in Il. and the Lawyers office sent me a notice the week before Christmas demanding payment in 10 days or further action would be taken. They waited over a month and well they took further action. The court date is set for Feb. 28.

Any help on what to say to the Lawyers office when I call them? Should I call them? What about the one that I can not afford to pay? What are my next steps in this? Can I avoid court without paying the full excessive bill? Any thoughts are appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!

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I would file an Answer "Defendant is without sufficient information and leaves plaintiff to provide proof". On line 2 I would probably mention the amount claimed is excessive and cite reasons. I would also obtain documentation from the insurer as to their opinion and their mention of the charges as excessive, etc. Be firm and respond to the court because this will give you leverage to negotiate. The doctors don't really want to go court because they could lose. There may be resources in your area to assist you in this regard.

I personally would not call either party unless I were prepared to offer a settlement.

It is odd in my opinion you would be sued for such a small amount of money when in fact your doctors were reimbursed by an insurer.

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