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Secured credit cards

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As far as I know, the best secured card to get is the American Pacific Bank secured card. I originally saw it on this website. I was 10 days post BK7 and they gave me a $300 secured card. There is a $29 (or $39, can't remember) annual fee and that is it. None of the other BS charges. They are lightning quick and they report to all three as UNSECURED within a few days.

I almost sound like I work for them! Actually, they have opened the door for me to get more cards, and in 3 months since my BK, my middle score went up 115 points.

American Pacific Bank has a website. You can print the application, fill it out and then send it in with a minimum $300 check or money order. I maxed the card, then paid it off in full. Every month, I use it for $20 worth of gas and pay in full. 90 days later, 492 -> 606. I guess everyone's different on the score, but the card is solid. They are in Oregon though, so if you are an east coaster remember to send your payment AT LEAST a week early to get there.

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you may be able to get unsecured credit with your score. My scores are identical to yours and I recently got the target card and orchard unsecured. But I still like the American Pacific Bank card if you are thinking secured is the way to go. Very friendly and helpful with customer service too

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