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Employment Development Department is a goverment entity

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I have asked this question before, but never really got a concrete answer.. I really hope someone can help me. EDD is short for the State of California Employment Development Department, in California they are in charge of Unemployment and Disability benefits.

My problem with them is I can't get them to verify the amounts they claim I owe them; I have requested twice that they explain the benefits (money) they paid me; dates, amounts interest acquired etc. They just keep sending me a bill, for over $3,000.00! Further more they are reporting one amount (950.00) on my credit report and are billing me for another..?

Can you advise me as to what to do.. should I ask for a Hearing and explain I can't pay such a ridiculous amount.


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You might check the California web site to see if there is an Ombudsman office, or something of the sort that you can contact to get assistance in dealing with the state government.

As with any organization, the phones are answered by low-paid clerks...maybe you need to speak with a supervisor or someone further up the food chain. You could try your local state representative, or even contact the local TV stations...

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