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question about credit report entry


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I was disputing this as being paid and now it shows up like this. Is this effecting my score? It looks to me like its current now. I paid this around 4 years ago. Shouldn't it show a date in the past?


Account No.: ********** Type: Credit Card Payment:

Date Opened: 03/01/1994 Balance: $0 Terms:

Date Reported: 01/27/2005 High Balance: $2282 Limit: $2000

Past Due: $0 Condition: Closed (Paid) Responsibility: Individual

Status: Collection/Chargeoff

Remarks: Charged off as bad debt

Profit and loss write-off

Two Year Payment History:

None Reported

Seven Year Payment History:

30 Days Late: 60 Days Late: 90 Days Late:

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