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credit destroyed because of DRIVETIME! how can I dispute?

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My husband and I purchased a car last year in July that we ended up giving back because the bearings in the motor were stripped and we were told we would have to buy a new engine for it. Today my husband found this article:


which states:

Another common problem with almost all Chrysler Engines is Rod Bearing failure. Consumers have brought to our attention that there are quite a few Dodge Intrepids being auctioned off cheap on Ebay because of defective Engines. We have received reliable inside information that Chrysler has a list of mandatory modifications it recommends to engine rebuilders for these Engines and that they are in such high demand that they have even been on backorder at times and that. Chrysler has a history of building defective Engines especially in this platform, first generation Chrysler LH vehicle Engines have also been known to almost literally "self destruct". These problems are extremely common and so nearly all consumers who experience these failures are forced to sell their vehicles at a major loss, allow their vehicle to be repossessed or pay $4,000-$8,000 for replacement engines and service, often while still paying monthly large payments on their defective late model Chrysler vehicle.


What can I do? It is obvious that this has happened to other people...and I do not feel that we should have to suffer because of a manufacturer defect!

Please help!

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