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WOW! First Franklin Called Me!!!!!!!!!!


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Well, for an update, First Franklin themselves called me today. I couldn't believe it! All she said was "Hi This is X, I'm an Underwriter here at First Franklin,I just was calling because I see you have a statement/fraud alert on your credit file and to verify that its actually you before extending credit". I said "Yep it's definitely me applying for the mortgage. I had accounts show up on my credit file that were not mine so that's why I put that alert on there".

She said "Okay, no problem, we are the lender for your purchase so we just needed to verify that".

She was real nice.

Then about an hour later, my loan officer called me and said "Okay, I got the Underwriting response back now. They just wanted a couple other things , which are not a big deal".

I said "Like what ?". She said "They want your most recent paystub". I said "No problem, just got a new one today, I'll fax it to you right now". She was like "Great!".

She said "They also need your employer/human resources to fill out a VOE (verify employment)". I said "No problem, here's her name and number". She sent it over to Human Resources, and Human Resources filled it out and sent it right back.

She said "And they need to see if you have something that shows your car loan is now current (I had some recent 30 day lates)". I said "Okay let me see what I can get from them".

She said "That's all they needed from YOU. Other than that they just needed you to sign a form releasing all contingencies (Like Inspection completed etc) and they are waiting on the title, which they will get right away....I took care of that".

That's it. So now what happens ? We send them all of that in the morning and then what ? Do they usually come back and ask for more stuff or do they say "Clear to Close" ?


PS: I also recieved paperwork from First Franklin in the mail today. 2 packages of stuff. What is this stuff for ? Is it stuff I should send back to them or just standard stuff they send ANYBODy that even applies ?

I "HOPE" it means I'm near a final approval. I'm nervous.

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