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Time to Sue NCO?

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These people are completely clueless:

Timeline goes like this:

12/04 - pulled my reports (3 in one and started diputing) Noticed NCO, drafted DV letters.

1/3/05 - sent out DV/C&D letter #1 to NCO (was a newb - still am a newb) and the letter had incomplete account information on it

1/19/05 - received letter from "Correspondance Analyst" basically asking me to validate my own debt

1/20/05 - sent out non-compliance / PP letter for a inquiry I noticed on a newer copy of reports. (asked for 1k by 3/01)

2/01 - received their "computer printout" saying you owe XXXX, here is your account number, mini miranda, etc.

:?: So is it time to knuckle up and send them an ITS letter? I think if I counted correctly, I have them on four federal counts alone, not counting the TX FDCPA.

:?: Or should I wait until the 30 day mark (ends 02/11) and send them a second DV letter, let them keep reporting and go from there. (ITS after another 15 days)

Any and all help/comments would be appreciated.


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Thanks for the assurance Doc. The only reservations I have are:

1.) Newbie and court seems a wee-bit intimidating, so I'm trying to read as much as possible on TX and federal procedures, because I think I want to go to federal court.

2.) I worry about the dates. I know I have rights after I pull my credit reports and find something and dispute it. I just want to make sure I have dotted my i's and crossed my t's, I guess.

Thanks for the input though!

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