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Inactive account-EQ reports 120 days late


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I disputed this on Jan 10th. Equifax verified this tradeline:

US Department of Edu Afsa

Date Opened: 08/2000

Date Closed: 02/2002

High Credit: $0

Credit Limit: $0

Balance Amount: $0

Amount Past Due: $0

Actual Payment Amount: $0

Date of Last Activity 02/2002

Current Status- Over 120 Days Past Due; Collection Account; Student Loan Assigned to Government

After I disputed, EQ added the 120 Days Past Due. I called Equifax and rep said that the account was inactive. Can an inactive account report lates? :?

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And the rep didn't notice an account with a $0 balance that was closed in 2002 is not CURRENTLY over 120 days late?

I'd call them back and see what they have to say about that.

I person I talked to was clueless. :lol: She kept asking me if I wanted to start a new investigation (5 or times). When I tried to explain to her that I couldn't possibly be late on this account, she would say " Well that's the information we have. Do you want to start a new investigation." This woman was getting on my nerves, so I told her no and got off the phone. :x

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They're drones. That's all they're programmed to say.

You ask for a procedural request.... you get nothing. The only thing they understand is lawsuit.

Thanks DocDon,

I'll put together a procedural request and send it CMRRR to EQ right away. Something new to add to the papertrail. :)

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Lady DC

I tried to delete this same type of student loan on my husband account, after I did, EQ updated the same information. So I disputed it as a reinsertion, and they took it off in about 10 days.

Hope this help :D:D

Hi srav,

When you disputed the student loan, what reason did use for your dispute(not mine, incorrect balance)? I used "not mine" and they verified.

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