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GRRRRRR - This is getting to me!!! - VERY LONG post


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I started my journey back in 2002. Back then I had 2 BKs 6 judgements or so, a tax lien and 26 pages of junk...... my scores were in the dumpster. (Lowest being TU in the 400s). :oops:

1 year later 02/03, the only public record remaining was the 6 yr old BK13. Down to 4 old, small collections. 4 new CCs (unsecured) :D and 2 current car notes. I qualified to purchase my new home $140K @ 5.75%!!! Life was grand!

Then the boys had serious school and legal issues...... it has been the year from hell. xrainx A couple of lates on some of those accounts and in december 8 collection accounts (medical). Scores absolutely tanked. Of course, I got my head out of the sand and came back to the boards to start over again.....

I mailed out my first DVs and CRA disputes at the beginning of Jan (so YEAH I know that I am just getting started). I was sooooo tickled to watch my scores trickle upwards. Still bad, but on the way and feeling good about the process! Yesterday, my changes looked like:

EQ: started at 515, on 2/2/05 570!

EX: started at 558, on 2/2/05 569!

TU: started at 511, on 2/2/05 564!

Very good progress for 3 weeks! :)%

Then today..... 2 days after medclr accounts were deleted, 2 appear on PG, 1 on Equifax's site! Chrysler was not deleted as instructed (Vicki Banks et. al. have verified over and over last year that 30 - curr - 60 is valid.... NOT!) Chrysler updated! The 30 - curr - 60 is still there. Jun/Jul of 2003 that were 30 now show current, but 12/2002 and 12/2003 AND 1 - 6/ 2004 (which were all CURR yesterday) show 30 days! Dem fockers!

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Next post shows email to Vicki.....

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Dear Vicki,

It has been awhile since we have communicated.

With the inception of the New FACTA, I sent a dispute letter to Equifax. The letter was mailed 01/05/05 and was signed for on 01/07/05 (gotta love the efficiency of the USPS!) The investigation is due to complete 02/07/05. To a limited extent, you may believe that this email is premature. However, I pray the the text of the letter will show otherwise, and encourage you to assist in any manner you can.

Here is a copy of the letter Equifax signed for:

Please note that I did NOT ask Equifax to "reinvestigate" the Chrysler Financial listing. Last year, we went round and round about their inaccurate listing. Equifax had their opportunity to re-investigate twice before I began to get the "has already been investigated" responses. I emailed you and emphatically pointed out that a 30 day, followed by a current, followed by a 60 day IS NOT POSSIBLE. You simply re-investigated yet again! AGAIN and AGAIN and it always came back verified.

I became sidetracked by life. (That happens when you are a single mom of 5 teenagers!) Recently, I pulled copies of my bureau from Privacy Guard. Of course, that NASTY Chrysler looked the same. Worse, there were other inaccurate listings as you can see in my letter to Equifax. On Jan 7th, the listing of "Southeast....." became "Medclr - Southeast....". Since the number of accounts, account numbers and balances had not changed, neither did my score. But, a change, nonetheless. On 2/01/05, I pulled my Privacy Guard and Equifax reports. ALL 3 Medclr accounts had been deleted. The ONLY way this would have happened is for MEDCLR to have sent a UDF deletion to Equifax. My score increased dramatically as a result. Imagine my surprise and IRE when I pull my Privacy Guard and Equifax this morning! TWO of the 3 MEDCLR accounts have already been re-inserted!!! Worse yet, Equifax did not follow the new FACTA and delete the Chrysler listing per my instruction. Instead, for the first time in since I began disputing the Chrysler listing, it changed!!!!! Suddenly, that nasty 60 day listing is still there and a whole string of 30 day lates inserted!

I sent you the Privacy Guard screen prints for one main reason.....Privacy Guard is a side by side of ALL 3 bureaus. Can you see that BOTH Experian AND Transunion knew how to comply with Federal Law and Equifax does not?!?! Both Experian and TransUnion deleted Chrysler during the initial dispute process. So how is it that your company and YOU personally can verify an account that the other 2 bureaus cannot? How is it you can list an inaccurate listing on MY report for months on end, claim it "verified" even when I pointed out MONTHS ago that 1 month cannot have 60 days in it? So NOW when instructed to comply with FACTA and delete, Equifax puts it in "reinvestigation" status again and allows them to further trash my credit report with yet ANOTHER VERSION of my payment history. THE VERY FACT that they verified inaccurate data repeatedly and then changed it a year later with more unverified and inaccurate data is one more feather in a FACTA lawsuit cap.

I am stating here for the record that YOU KNOW OR SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT THE DATA BEING TRANSMITTED TO YOU IS INACCURATE, UNVERIFIED AND INCOMPLETE AND NOT LISTED AS DISPUTED. I am not instructing you to re-investigate. I am demanding deletion of Chrysler, the reinserted MEDCLR accounts and insisting that you implement steps to make sure that these are not reinserted. As you can see, I am checking daily. I have given you over a year to fix this Vicki. I have run out of patience. I have all dispute letters from 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 plus copies, both in print and online of the ever changing records that you refuse to delete even when the fact that the Corporations cannot even get their OWN RECORDS STRAIGHT. Under FACTA you are now held to a higher standard. You have until 02/11/05 to comply or 02/14/05 will find me on the steps of Duval County Court.


(BTW, I attached the dispute letter to the email and a Word doc containing screen prints of everything thing I mentioned above!)

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