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What does this Mean???


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I sent a dispute letter to Equifax in Atlanta GA. This is the exact same place I have sent my last two disputes. According to Registered Mail they received it on the 24th. Yesterday I got a letter stating the folllowing

We have received your correspondence regarding your credit file. Equifax does ot maintain or serve the information contained in your credit file. Your correspondence has been forwarded to the credit reporting agency which researches the credit files concerns of consumers living in your area. The credit reporting agency to which your correspondence was forwarded to is:

(then there is nothing listed)

Should you have any further concerns or need additiional help, please contact the credit reportig agency above.

Thank you for giving Equifax the opportunity to assist you.


Equifax Information Services,LLC

What the heck am I supposed to do with this?? I haven't called them and of course there is no number listed.

Thanks for any help as always!!!

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Do you live in Texas or Oklahoma? If so, they probably meant to say your file was handled by CSC. It's basically just another CRA, working under and for Equifax.

They forwarded your info to them and you'll get a response from them.

Are there any EQ affiliates other than CSC? Anyone? :?

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I live in iowa.

The only thing is both of the last two times I have disputed (in october and December) i used the same equifax mailing address. This is the first time I have received this letter..

Looks like I will wait until February 24 and see if they respond. If they don't then I can send off one of those nasty failure to respond in a timely manner letters can't I.

If that is the case I will probably have to repost and ask for some help as I have never done that.

Thanks for everyone's help

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