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A letter from the American Agencies Dispute Department


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I sent my DV letter to American Agencies regarding an old PAC BELL bill and this is the response that I received - it was actually signed by the dispute department

We were recently notified by Exp/and or TU that you have disputed the status or balance.......blah, blah, blah

After conducting reasonable investigation(s) with public records, real estate records..... and the original creditor information we are unable to confirm an error and do hereby acknowledge your dispute under the FCRA. We will report your account in dispute and our most current balance due. Please be aware that when your credit report is pulled by home/car lenders, credit card companies, etc they will see a disputed but unpaid and resolved deliquent account.

For additional information including reasonable repayment options please contact us.


American Agencies Dispute Department

My question is - now what?? I have disputed this account with all 3 CRA's

Please advise.

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Sounds like now is the time to send American a DV letter. They haven't actually said they have validation for this account, only that they can't confirm an error.

You might also include some comments about "overshadowing" per the FDCPA since they're basically threatening you with adverse reactions to things they haven't proven.

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