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CA tried to renig on settlement offer after dv letter.......


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NCA sent me a settlement offer in the mail. I faxed them a copy my own pfd letter and they sent me a fax back on their letter head agreeing to all of my terms. I also sent them a dv letter CMRRR, and they responded with my application, signed, and all the other documentation regarding this account. So ok, they validated. That was cool. I sent the money western union for the agreed settlement.

I got a letter in the mail saying "we received your money, please pay the remaining balance no later than 2/1" :shock:

So I call them up. Yeah, I did. I spoke the the csr who signed her name on the settlement letter and also sent the remaining balance letter.

I asked her why was I receiving a remaining balance letter when we had a settle ment agreement.

She had the nerve to say " Well since you sent that letter asking for all the documentation and everything, my boss told me that we couldnt settle"

I said does your boss know that I have a signed settlement letter with your signature on it. And she said yes. I said and do you think the judge is going to hold you liable for your signature or for what your boss told you to do?

She said hold on, let me let you talk to him. So he gets on the phone and I started going off on how just because I am excercing my rights as a consumer by requesting validation they can not change an agreeement that I have in writing and blah blah blah. I was pissed. So he said "when was your money supposed to be paid by and I said 1/31. He said when did you pay it, I said 1/19. He put me on hold and came back and said" you account is paid in full. I will get your letter out today". (THEY NEVER SAW ME COMING.....LOL)

So I called the lady back and she was pissed. I told her I want the letter faxed instead of mailed. Then she said "Well I have this letter that says I can only communicate with you by mail" (smart azz) And I said, thats okay, as long as I get it and hung up on her. Needless to say, she made sure she didnt sign the letter this time.

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Ths is proof positive why you need to have everything in writing. They probably were surprised at the fact that they COULD actually validate the account with all necessary info so thought that they were entitled to renig. Good job on making them stick to the arrangement!!



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What are you bumping for? Did you have a question about it?

You did the right thing...and a GREAT thing!! Congrats to you on getting that PFD in writing! :D

If you're worried about having the letter saying 'paid in full', as long as you have that in your agreement, and as long as you have your cancelled check, money order stub, (whatever you used to pay with) I wouldn't worry too much about it.

But you CAN call and bug them every couple of days. Be persistant...but not a total bitch. They'll get tired of you.


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