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I just caught Dell Financial in a lie........


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Some may remember me posting about Dell refusing to settle with me on the balance of my computer and they referred the balance to a CA. Well I was reviewing my BK papers and low and behold, I listed American Investment Bank as the creditor for my computer. They provide the financing for my Dell computer. Their name was on my contract with Dell (that I threw away...grrrrrrrr)

I called Dell up and they told me that CITI does the financing for all of their computers and they never heard of American Investment Bank.

I knew that was a lie. I faxed to Dell and American Investment Bank an intent to sue letter for violating the federal bankruptcy laws by attempting to collect on an account that was discharged in bankruptcy. I faxed them a copy of the page of my bankruptcy with American Investbank on it, and the original balance and everything reflects what was reporting as charged off on my reports, account number and all. Oh, and I faxed the CA a copy too.

I get a letter in the mail from American Investment Bank saying they did provide financing for Dell, but no longer do, and my letter was forwarded to some exec at Dell, etc. (trying to cover their butts basically)

I havent heard from Dell, but lets just say as I have been disputing my Dell account as iib, it has been updated to iib.


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