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Nordstrom FSB C/O Pay for Delete of T/L


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I just saved a ton of money by switching to Geico.

No really, I sent a cover letter and pay for delete to Manager Kristin Cordova at Nordstrom Recovery last Monday and she called me at home last night. She asked me to tell her my story and I did. I let her know that I am aware that the FCRA entitles OC to report or not report at their discretion. I told her I am fully responsible for all late fees and interest ($348) and wasn't asking for any monetary breaks. She said she wouldn't sign the agreement I sent but would forward something from her office. I in turn, agreed to pay her by phone upon reciept of the signed agreement. This is the second worst item on my report! Hopefully by next week it will be GONE! thanks for the phone numbers!

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