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Region's Bank - Whores!

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In 2002, Wife got a $1100 signature loan with Regions Bank. When she got it, she took the disability insurance. Her boss cosigned with her. She paid about half of it and was in a car accident that left her permanently disabled. While she was in the hospital, I completed forms and sent to insurance company. Bank said that all was well.

Long story short - Ran wife's credit on Dec 8, 2004 and this account showed up as a $670 charge off on Dec 2, 2004 on her Experian. It has been over two years and we NEVER HEARD ANYTHING FROM REGIONS!!! Her cosigner never heard anything from them either. WTF!!! :evil:

We went to the local branch the next day and talked to people there, more paperwork needed by insurance co, blah blah blah....

We completed more papers and received a letter soon afterward from ins co. that balance had been paid to Regions. Regions says that all is well.

Ran wifes credit again last week, and now it is showing as a charge off on ALL THREE CREDIT REPORTS!! This is BS.

Do we have legal right to sue under the FCRA? Regions never notified us that they had this account as late and that they were going to charge off and report. My wife has had numerous other loans with Regions with perfect payment history.

Please advise - I would love to sue them. :twisted:

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My wife got a phone call on Friday from the VP's secretary. She said that they got word from the district office that the CRA's have been notified to remove the chargeoff and change to paid in full as agreed. She said they would send a copy of the letter as soon as they received it.

I love it!!! I wish my angry letters ALWAYS got this response!!

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