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What a Scam!


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So check this out:

I have been DVing the separate CA's(medical collections) and also sending verification letters to the CRA's. I just got two credit reports from Experian-they say they can't find one CA on their file (even though on there 2 months ago). Doesn't say they deleted just "information not found". It is not listed on the report they sent either-gone?

The second letter states cannot find CAII! Guess what? On the accompaning EX report it is listed under a NEW name (Attention LLC is now West Asset Management). QUE!?

This seems like quite the racket to me-

So do I have to start the DV process ALL over again with this West Asset? Also, they HAVE NOT sent me anything to let me know they were going to put it in my CR-don't they have to?

Till soon,


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