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Denied by Cap1 for credit limit increase, but...

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Last week I called Cap 1 and asked for a CLI through their automated phone process and was immediately declined. They said they'd send a reason in 10 days. There wasn't a hit on my CR, so they didn't check credit for that denial.

I have had the account since May 2004.

Today I get a pre-approval offer for an "additional" card with an additional credit line because of my excellent history with them.

What gives? I want to increase the limit on the one I have, not carry an additional card.

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Sounds like they want to suck you into another annual fee. My wife has a card with no fee from Cap One through one of those pay your old debt off deals. They continually want her to get another card for $39 yr. or upgrade to Platinum for $59 yr. Those guys are only interested in your $$$. I would apply for another card from a different bank before I would let them throw you another $200 CL card with another annual fee.

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