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Please Help with my plan for Asset Acceptance

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I Have a old utility bill debt that pops its ugly head every year or so. I have sucessfully got quick deletions from 2 other CA's that each tried to collect in the past 3 years by using DV letters. So i get a collection letter from Asset 10 days ago same debt plus interest saying they bought the debt, yada yada! I call them {I know NEVER TALK to a CA} saying its not mine and that 2 other CA's had tried to collect and deleted, I should not have called I know but I was feeling cocky. So I get another letter saying " thanks for your request for further validation enclosed you will find a statement prepared with the use of info provided to us by the prior creditor" They sent my name, the amount owed, the interest amount, and my mailing address which is a PO Box. Totally improper Im thinking or because they now own the debt is their burden by law different in what they have to provide to me? Did I screw myself or should I send a written request for validation and start the paper trail funny thing is they havent reported it yet to the bureaus. Any help is muuch appreciated! P.S. I know this company Asset are debt collecting insurgents I dealt with their sister co. CFC over 4 SBC accounts got the Michigan AG involved from the start and they deleted with out hesitation.

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I've had my share of trouble with Asset Acceptance. They are real good at ignoring DV's, but go ahead and send one anyway. I had to send 2 DV's and then used those to dispute with the CRA's to get my deletion.

I'm pretty sure that even tho they bought the debt, they are still bound by the collection laws. It is also my understanding that they cannot charge interest on a purchased debt. Could be wrong there, but I'm sure others will chime in if I'm wrong.

Good luck!

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Heres what Im doing.

1. DV them and wait for the bogus Account Statement

2. Dispute with CRAs and wait for AA to verify

3. Draft federal complaint listing their violations, including FDCPA and FCRA

4. CMRRR draft complaint and ITS to Asset with 1 week to respond to you.

5. If they dont, file the suit, serve them and wait for them to call. They will start talking settlement pretty quickly.

6. Arrange a settlement with full, permanent tradeline deletion and nullification of the debt. Might get some money too!

There ya have it. That actually works with nearly every JDB out there.

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