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Any Advise on my next situation ???????

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Here's my situation, Nov 2004 I initiated a dispute with America's recovery network 3rd party CA based on collection reported 10/2004 to my Eq report. CA is attempting to collect a bad check from the year 2000 in the amount of $86.00. 11/27/2004 I sent DV request Via Facsimile, I Printed received confirmation report for records. Received no response from CA 60 days past receive another copy of EQ report CA reported same account as 2nd coll TL 01/2005. Contacted CEO Robert Green via email advsd of DV letter sent and failure to respond. I Threatened complaints to BBB and Attrny Gen. Mr. green responded with no such request was ever received and denied my order for deletion. 02/04 I responded with copy of original req for DV dated 11/27/2004, copy of fax confirm report, and second demand for deletion offering company 7 days until 2/10/2005 to respond or I would pursue my rights. I have had no response since. I was also informed SOL is only 3 years on such debt. I have filed the complaints with BBB and the Attrny Gen yesterday I am considering filing suit if no response by 02/10/2005. What steps should I take and what violations should I consider pursuing?

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