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Help - Citi keeps moving CO date after suit/settlement.


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This stuff never ends. I have post-suit problems with Cap 1 that won’t go away and now I’ve got another doozy of a situation with Citi.

Strange but true, Citi sued DH on an account that was paid late 3X, the three late payments spaced over a three year time frame. Citi first reported this current account to the CRAs as a CO in June of ’04 (?), accepted payments in July and August and filed suit in August. They were a bear to deal with but I won’t go into the gory details. We settled for the 80% Citi-solution to just get away from the Citi and the suit was dismissed with prejudice. Unfortunately, we were unable to get any TL consideration as part of the settlement, which was paid, in full, prior to the October court date.

On our CRs, Citi has been moving up the CO date in the history each month since first reporting it in June. For example, in December, the account shows CO. Then, in January, December is changed to “OK”, and January shows CO; now January shows OK and February is a CO. Citi has recently reduced the balance to about 25% of the settlement amount but is reporting the payment status to the three majors as a “collection account”, “120 days past due” and “seriously past due”.

I just called Citi’s litigation department was told that this account is still with an attorney / collector, even though I explained that the account was settled in October – they have no record of a settlement and wanted to put on an in-house collector to talk to me about payments. Nearly a 120 day delay in updating status seems pretty long to me.

My expectation is that we will soon be contacted by some scum CA, just as I have been with our two Cap 1 settlements. However, my questions are (1) whether or not this long delay (IMO) in updating the balance, and the history change from month to month would be considered a deceptive practice (or any other violation of the FCRA) and (2) if there might to any way to attempt to use this situation to leverage a TL deletion?

Any help / comments would be appreciated – thanks!


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