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Clarify somerthing for me folks?


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OK.. old Sprint bill...

Allied Interstate came calling in 2003.. sent them DV letter May 2003..

never heard from them again until 12/2003 when they placed the item on my report.

Called them in Jan 2004 and bascially asked them what was going on.. playing dumb.

CSR tells me they PURCHASED the debt from Sprint in April of 03 and have been trying to collect since then.

I them hammer them with the letter.. "You received my validation letter.. why are you repoting? They claim no receipt of letter.. ((uh huh bullcrap))

I dispute it with them and send another letter... again requesting validation.

Disputed with all 3 bureuas... verified every time.

Nothing...got involved with life and forgot about it..

Now enter Calvary Nov 2004....

pulled AR inquiry on report.. called them they said we have no clue who you are.

Forward it to my attorney who finds out that they are in fact collecting for Sprint. AHA moment

He tells them they had no PP to pull a month before they "bought" the account.

So yeah I disputed the account again in Dec... verfied again

Forward to now.

I being the pain in the a$$ I am.. I call Allied.. ask them why is this acount still listed on my report.. they no longer have the debt.

They say (get ready to laugh)) "Well you didnt pay us.. so we can continue to list it as long as we legally can"

So ... jusdt to make sure I aint crazy.

Once the account has been recalled... or re-sold or whatever the hell they do...

Do they have the legal right to keep reporting the debt???

Would love feed back!!

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I thought that was OC only. A CA who sends the bill back has no rights.. therefor cant report... wouldnt that be continued collection activity.

I cant pay them.. they cant validate because they dont have the account....

See what I am saying?

Have I found a new loophole?!?!?

DocDon... look...another one of my mindblowing debates!!!

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DocDon... look...another one of my mindblowing debates!!!

I don't think Allied bought this debt, DocPC - their parent company, IntelliRisk Management, doesn't say anything about portfolio acquisitions... :?:

The way I see it, the CA is contracted by the OC. Through that contract, they are given the authorization to collect. After that account is returned, the contract is nulified, and they are no longer authorized to "collect" - up to an including maintaining a file on you - it should have all been returned back to the OC.

Still, if they verified the info with the CRA's without providing you with proper validation, it's continued collection activity in violation of the FDCPA.

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