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trying to improve my credit nedd help please


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hi everyone Im new to this forum but have been reading posts for a few days now. needles to say i have a few questions, some help and advice would be great.

I pulled my credit report with "3credit report"

my scores in all three are in the low 600

the problems are

-- a Calif. tax lien from 1994.for showing unpaid for $2969 (i have paid the lien off for $26.00 on 11-04-03, and have a "notice of release of lien" from Calif. but it still shows as unpaid on tuc and efx. I would like to get the lien completly removed?

--a ca account for a medical bill for $639 -was planning to request debt validation, but i can afford to pay bill now if it would come off my report

wich way should i go?

--a ca account for direct tv for $266 "same as above"

-- a oc account for a utility for $219 would like to pay but I'm affraif they wont take it off my reports also I have a paid collection account from the same utilty on my report.

-a 60 day late for a credit card which is open and has a 0 ballance now

- a oc collection from a phone company for $26 unpaid

--a ca account for $165 for a medical bill I would pay off if they would dellete from my report

thats it for the negs

can any one give me some some advise as to going abought repairng all of these. I can afford to pay all of them but I dont see the point if the collection accounts wont be deleted

please help with some advice

Thank you in advance

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