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How to sue?

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I recently got a dunning letter from the law firm "Gillette & Paul Law Offices, PLLC." The account hit the SOL in July of 2004. No where in the letter does it give me my mini-meranda rights. I replied to their letter with a DV request, along with an ITS for violations of the FDCPA. I got the green card back yesterday.

The law firm is based out of Salt Lake, Utah, and I am in Portland, OR. I don't know if Oregon requires Collection agencies to be licensed, but I tried to find out who their registered agent was, and didn't find anything on the Secretary of State site.

To be a butt, I was thinking of suing them in Small Claims for $749 + filing and service fees. Can I file a case against them in my local county? Does it matter that they do not have a registered agent here in Oregon? Do they have to be licensed?

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Are you sure it's a dunning letter? Are they asking you to pay or are they telling you that they are representing a CA/OC?

Where did you get $749?? If you have one violation, it's up to $1,000. Why not ask for the max?

What did the letter say?

Don't be so jumpy to sue. Especially if you're suing in small claims. If this place is acting as a CA and they don't even give you your mini, they'll most likely break more laws. Since it's out of SOL, you have all the time in the world. Don't you want to get more evidence these people are idiots?

Speaking of...why aren't you wanting to sue in federal?

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