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OC posted collection account to CRA - after I DV'd the CA


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I'm tring to figure out what my next step should be - I've read through tons of information on this site and sometimes it becomes overwhelming! But I do appreciate all the help I've gotten.

I'll cut to the chase - received a collection notice, I DV'd, the validation they sent back was crud (no contract - nothing signed by me - just bills typed up on a piece of paper) - this was a local contractor not a credit card or anything like that. They had not reported to the CRA's yet. I sent them another letter saying that their validation was crud and I wasn't going to pay. In all 3 letters that I've sent the CA I've stated that if they've reported to the CRA that they must tell them its being disputed.

Today I pull my report from PG and the collection is on there - from the OC though and NOT the CA. I can't DV the OC but I truly don't owe them any money. What should my next step be?

Thanks for your help,


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