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Soft inquiries - Illegal too?


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I was looking at my experian credit report recently and noticed some odd items.

While disputing online, you can view who has looked at your credit report -- hard and soft. While I recognize the firms who have called up hard inquiries, I have no idea about some of the soft... I mean, I have no credit dealings at all with Capitol One Auto Finance... State Farm Insurnace (I have American Family) and have never heard of First National Bank Marin...

Here is what Experian says about the soft inquiries:

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, credit grantors listed in this section had a permissible purpose to review your information, although the requests listed in this section do not display to them. When a request for your information is made, it will display on your credit report for two years.

We report these requests only to you as a record of those who reviewed your information, and we do not include any of these requests on credit reports to others.

I have sent letters asking why they looked. I am unsure if they had permissable purposes and am demanding answers.

However, is a soft legal to anyone, or is it only hard inquiries that matter?


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These soft inquiries are perfectly legal and completely benign. Unless you decide to opt out, you will still receive them. This is where all the solicitations come from. It's also where you'll find current creditors listing when they peer at your file. I wouldn't sweat it, unless you're being deluged with cc offers on a daily basis.

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