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Dirty settlement tricks??


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I have my court date this week. Some background...this is for a dental bill I refused to pay because the dentist cancelled my appointment (without telling me, I found out when I showed up) and the permanent crown was never put on. 2 weeks later the temp and what was left of the tooth fell out. I started getting bills with additional charges and I told them I wouldn't pay because they didn't finish the work. BTW...the appointment was cancelled because it was the day before Thanksgiving and the dentists decided to take the day off...but the receptionists were still at work!!

Anyway, I figure since I still have over $30k in outstanding debt (almost all of it is out of SOL and most of it isn't even on my reports anymore) I could use a BK7 threat to strongarm the lawyer into a settlement. He was a completely condescending a$$hole the one time I called. I have already told him I would rather fight this out in front of the judge. I figure I could argue the dentist acted in bad faith...I was told the work had to be completed in 30 days or started over, my appointment was day 28 and there were no appointments for almost 3 weeks, therefore, no way to get this done in 30 days! I know it would be slightly misleading (unethical?) to threaten BK, but I would really love to see the response. Has anyone else tried this approach?

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