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Can Credit Card's lawyer seize my car?

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How much is the car worth (BLACKBOOK value) ? Is it financed ? How much do you owe ??

Not all states let you keep your car just because its your primary mode of transportation. If you can't exempt it, then they don't care. Unless your equity in the car exceeds the MA exemption, then they can't touch it, but you MUST file your exemptions.

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Book value is NOT what you want to go by. You want to get a BLACKBOOK price.


Subtract the value you get from the amount you owe. Subtract for any repairs it needs, tires, etc. and what's left is your equity. If the equity is more than your exemption, then you have a potential problem.

Exemptions are what can NOT be taken from you in a judgment or bankruptcy. The property on the list, some up to a given dollar amount is safe. Anything NOT on the list or above the stated allowance is fair game.

The MA exemptions from judgments are here:


In order to keep the Sheriff from showing up at your door with order to sieze non-exempt property you MUST claim your exemptins and file them with the court.

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