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My 1st set of deletions & hmmmmm


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Just checking on my first round of dispute results.

Experian 4 deletions

TU 3 deletions

Equifax havent heard yet.

While it may not seem a lg #, it is my first attempt, so it is a big deal to me


Have also noticed that since it has been majorly past 30 days and DV letters and no proof sent to me by CA's, I am starting to get some settlement offers that are not as ridiculous as in teh beginning. But they still have not been able to DV.

some ca's have sent back to oc's so should probably get letters from different ca's in near future.

since some offers are getting better, I suspect they cannot provide dv, because they haven't provided so far.

sent out more dv lts the other day.

need to read up on medical collections & what they are allowed to do as far as garnsihment, leins, etc.

I would like to thank everyone who has been patient with me and so very helpful.


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