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CCB will not delete if i pay collections!


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Ok whats up with this...

I have a bank account i had a few years ago. I moved out of state and i sent them a letter saying that i wanted to close my account.. well.. They must have never gotten the letter because its on my credit report.. its only 150$ I call them and ask if i pay it, will they delete it or change it to pays as agreed or something other then a negative paid collections.. She said she could delete it if i show them proof that i sent the letter by registered mail or whatever.. Thats bogus its been years ago and im suppose to just have that receipt laying around? So im not sure how to go after this now. Do i just pay it? I want to open a checking account somewhere is the thing and get it off my report.. So im kinda stumped. I was thinking.. Do i pay it and dispute the collections with the cras? Or keep trying to negotiate with them to delete it? HELPPPPPPPPPPPP

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