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MyFico vs. Privacy Guard


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Jenn is right...search function does wonders. But I'm in a giving mood today. Happy Valentine's Day. :wink:

I know that MyFico only gives you experian and is said to be more accurate.

I think you heard some wrong stuff somewhere. Myfico gives you all of the reports...if you pay for them all. The score on Myfico is the real fico score...each bureau has their own score, too, which doesn't always match up to the real one (hence how you heard they're more accurate).

My question is do they both do the same thing (emailing you when something changes on your report)?

No. Myfico is a one-time deal...you pay for it everytime you use it. PG is a monitoring service that you can pull everyday without incurring more charges. Myfico doesn't send you anything.

And which one do you like best?? Thanks!

They're different companies. Use them both for different things. They both ROCK. :D

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