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Hi, i am new to this board but have been watching it for awhile. My husband has applied for our mortgage.this will be our first house. his scores are 624,653,620 scores pulled by mortgage broker. we have a preapproval letter for 5.95% 30 year fixed. good for 90 days. my question is the loan is about to go to underwriting and we are worried we will get turned down. We will be putting 3% down and paying our own closing costs. how often do loans get turned down in underwriting with a preappoval? He had some charges showing up as past due derogatory we paid them off 2 years ago and gave the loan officer the paid letters.we had to submit 3 bank statements the ending balance is low due to the 3 we had to give were from Christmas season. but we took a hardship from 401k and are getting back over 5,000 from taxes. we will have about 12,000 dollars to use. they gave us a loan approval date of March 18th and closing for 24th of March. do you think we will have any problems?

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