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What addresses do I use to disput with all 3 Credit Bureaus


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Help !! I have read Mrs. Welshs book on credit repair and have been reading through this forum for a couple of weeks before I decided to dive in with a few questions. First of all my biggest problem is with the addresses of all 3 bureaus. I have Equifax as CSc as well. Do I send my disputes to both bureaus or just one. I also want to be sure that I am sending my disputes to the right addresses. What I did was get advice from a lawyer who does this for a living. He told me to dispute as much as possible so it would be harder for them to verify all the disputes. The second big thing is I did order a 3 and 1 report from True Credit, I know now that was a mistake but it only has part of the account #'s like 1234****. Where can I get the complete account #'s and do I need them when I dispute. Any help is greatly appreciated, Thank You !!!!

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