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Does this make a dispute easier to win ???

The Mountain

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I have recently moved and not yet updated my new address with the CRA's. I have two accounts in collection presently on all three credit reports. The CA and the OC had my previous address associated with the two accounts. Recently I received a letter from the OC sent to my new, current address with my new, current address in the heading of the letter. I am now assuming the OC and CA have my new, current address because of this, am I wrong? I was hoping to update my address with the CRA's and have my previous addresses deleted then dispute the accounts as not mine with the CRA's. I was planning on the OC and CA not having my new address therefore making it harder for them to validate the collections with the CRA's. How important is this? I was reading a sticky with the suggestion of opening up a new mailbox with mailboxes etc to get a new different address. How much does having a current address that is unknown to the OC and CA listed on your credit reports effect your chances of winning a dispute? Should I be concerned with this or am I hinking about this too much? Thanks.

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