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?? re: med collection DV response

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I need help. I searched for an answer, but didn't find it.

I need to DV a CA re: medical collection. I understand that per the Wollman letter a computer printout is insufficent... my question is, what IS sufficient?? Especially with all the HIPPA regs in effect. What should I expect to see??

The SOL is up, pretty much as of right-this-minute (02/01 DOLA = actual service date).

Any help or links will be appreciated.



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Let them worry about what's within the HIPPA guidelines. Send them the DV letter and see what you get back. If its not at least "normal" validation, then tell them to get off your CR or you'll sue. If its something private under HIPPA, tell them they've violated HIPPA and you'll sue. If its all correct and doesn't violate HIPPA, tell them to go pound sand because the debt is beyond SOL.

I'd suggest...just my opinion...that you don't play the SOL card at first. Make them prove this is your debt, they have the right amount, and they have the right to collect...then use the SOL only if you have to.

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Don't worry about HIPPA. A CA is an agent of teh provider for purposes of HIPPA, and you are the subject of the data, so a detailed copy of the medical services report from the OC to the CA to you does not violate HIPPA, in my opinion.

I think they would have to show statements, bills, and something from the OC showing dates of service, if there is more than one,. And if you had coverage, some info that shows if the provider 1) was paid 2) submitted a claim or not and 3) is trying to gouge you for mroe than the insurance co paid. The last is not uncommon now. They do not have to give you legally admissible evidence, but they should give you enough to tie you to the provider.

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