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Cap 1 still reporting account as 120 days....


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Ok, so I have a CO with Cap1 that actually right not is not reporting as a CO on any of the CRA's but is reporting a current status of 120 days past due. I sent them a letter as recommended in the below post.


TU responded to me saying they report the account as a closed paid in full account, but didn't mention anything about the 120 days past due and did nothing to change it as I asked in my letter which I've posted below:

To Whom it May Concern: 2/2/2005


SSN: *********

81 CleanUp St.

CleanUp, IL 350850

DOB: *****

RE: CAPITAL ONE ACCOUNT #*************

After several disputes with your reporting agency on the current status of my Capital One account #********** I decided to take matters into my own hands. After contacting a manager at Capital One services they assured me that they had received my payment of $440.00 on 5/30/2003 and that the balance had been settled and there were no past dues on the account. Unfortunately your reporting agency shows my account as 120 days past due even though the account is closed with no balance or past dues. I have enclosed a letter from Capital One’s account department stating that the account was settled and is not 120 days past due. The letter also states they have sent the information to your reporting agency to be updated. It is past the 90 days they gave for the update to take place. As you can imagine this is greatly affecting my credit in a derogatory manner and I would like this information reported correctly or deleted. False reporting is a violation of the FCRA and this account should be reported as settled and shown as a current closed account. If this matter is not taken care of in 30 days you reporting agency will be in violation of the FCRA and I will take legal action to make sure this matter is solved correctly. I have already notified my attorney of the matter to help if this problem is not solved properly. I hope to see a quick resolution to this problem and hope that it does not come to extreme legal matters.

I have enclosed a copy of my driver's licence as proof of identity.



Is TU now in violation? They never mentioned anything about contacting the OC either. What would you suggest I do from this point?

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