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Do collection co's get your new address when u order report

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Do I need to consider what address and info I give when I order my credit reports? Will the credit reporting agencies list the address they mail my reports to and then this info will be available to the old collections? Aslo, I think the request forms for the reports ask for employer info (???)

I already applied for one credit card (unsecured) and was turned down (online) I should receive a letter that I can use to obtain my report. When I applied of course the bank asked for my info, employer, address, ect. (I gave it)

I did access two online reports:

My Husband's:

Equifax and Experian I received online.

Transunion did not match some info questions. (So, it asks us to mail copies of Sending us our information)


Equifax I have one from dated Sept 2004.

Experian was the company used by the new application for credit card. Since I was turned down. It gave me the 800# to call for a copy of my credit report (That's one free)

Transunion asked me a few questions. I got some right but the addresses did not match 3 that they had listed.

To receive your personal credit report by mail, please mail us this letter (or the information in it), along with two proofs of your current mailing address, such as copies of your driver's license, utility bill, bank or insurance statement, etc.

As follows:

Mail this form to:


PO Box 9702

Allen, TX 75013

Your identification information



City State Zip

Social Security number:

Date of birth:

(It saved the info with my name, DOB and S.S. #

Report number: N/A

Write any comments below

I'm not sure it's a good idea to give all of this info to get my reports. What does everyone else do and what are the negatives that may come from giving this info if an old or (soon to be) disputed or deleted creditor gets access to this?



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Hi again,

I just went to Experian's site to check for info about buying my Fico score only from them. I will be calling to get my free report from them based on that I was turned down for credit. So, it only shows products to purchase with the report and score combo. or

Does the Fico come on the report they send me? No, right.

Best way? Suggestions please.



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I found the info, I think. I just put in a general search at their site for "fico score only"and it took me to a page labeled personal services.


Order online for only $5.00 or purchase by phone by calling 1-888-322-5583

I have a different number that came online with my bank credit card deny it is 1-888-397-3742. I'll call that one to see if when I request my free for the turned down report it will prompt me the option to add on the Fico score for the $5.

I let you know what happens.


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